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scifiverse's Journal

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A Science Fiction Land Community

How It Works

Scifiverse is an interactive competition inspired by communities like whedonland and jjverse and encompassing the science fiction genre. Members are sorted into teams and then complete challenges such as writing fic, making graphics, and solving puzzles. Some of the challenges involve skill, but most of them are participation and/or luck based, so anyone and everyone can join in the fun. Points are awarded at the end of each challenge, and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the phase, wins.

We are currently in Phase Two, which runs January 25 - April 9.

Anna, aka bananners, is your challenge coordinator. She keeps things running and acts as an impartial judge.

To join the game, go to the sorting post to be sorted into a team. If you're new to land comms or need to know the specifics of how Scifiverse works, see our FAQ Post for more information.

Please see the list of included fandoms to see what may be used for challenges here.

The Scifiverse teams are:

Team Robots
Terminators, Cylons, Droids, and more
teamrobots (Team Leaders: airbefore)

Team Aliens
From Superman to The Doctor to the Na’vi
teamaliens (Team Leaders: hamarakissa and onmulberryst)

Team Alternates
The other "us" -- copies, clones, and alternate realities
teamalternates (Team Leaders pflailey and kimmyziva)

Team Travelers
Through space and time or between dimensions
teamtravelers (Team Leaders: likealight and fancifull)


1. Play nice. Do not bash members, teams, fandoms, etc.

2. All posts and comments should be PG-13 (or below) with regard to language and adult concepts. Please use common sense.

3. All members must participate at least once every seven challenges. Voting does not count toward this rule. After missing seven consecutive challenges, you will receive a reminder and be placed in limbo. While in limbo, if you do not complete one of the next four challenges, you will be cut from your team. You may return to the game if you wish, but you must reapply for a team. If you need to be absent from the game for an extended period of time, please let me know at the Page-a-Mod Post in advance.


broadwayverse | spy_land | scifiland | disneyverse | daily_scifi | avatar_2009 | xoverland | wereland


CSS: milou_veronica
Profile Banner: likealight

12 monkeys, 1984, 2012, 9, a scanner darkly, ai: artificial intelligence, alien, aliens, alternate universes, andromeda, animorphs, armageddon, avatar, babylon 5, back to the future, batman, battlestar galactica, bicentennial man, bill & ted, bionic woman, blade runner, caprica, chronicles of riddick, city of ember, close encounters, contact, dark angel, deep impact, demolition man, district 9, doctor who, dollhouse, dune, e.t. the extra terrestrial, eternal sunshine, eureka, event horizon, fantastic four, farscape, firefly, flashforward, flight of the navigator, frequency, fringe, futurama, gattaca, heroes, hitchhiker's guide, hollow man, i am legend, i robot, inception, independence day, iron man, johnny mnemonic, jurassic park, kyle xy, land comms, lilo & stitch, logan’s run, lois and clark, lost, men in black, minority report, misfits, moon, mr. nobody, multiplicity, mutant x, odyssey 5, paycheck, planet of the apes, primeval, quantum leap, red planet, resident evil, robocop, robots, roswell, sanctuary, scanners, science fiction, scifi, serenity, short circuit, signs, six million dollar man, sliders, smallville, soylent green, space, spaceballs, spaceships, sphere, star trek, star wars, stargate, starship troopers, stepmother is an alien, superman, superman: the animated series, terminator, the 4400, the 6th day, the event, the invisible man, the island, the matrix, the middleman, the sarah jane adventures, the time machine, the time traveler’s wife, the x-files, thx 1138, time travel, timecop, torchwood, total recall, transformers, tron, v, war of the worlds, warehouse 13, waterworld, x-men