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Scifiverse - Are You in the Game?

Are You in the Game?

If you're reading this post but you cannot see this post, then you have not been properly added to the game. Please fix this -- we'd love to have you join in the fun! Here's how:

If you haven't already been sorted onto a team, please go to the sorting post. Just a couple easy questions and you'll be added to a team so you can start playing. We have a few missions posted already, so there's lots of fun to be had!

If you've already been sorted at the sorting post, then you need to join scifiverse, sfvcantina, and your team community to see all of the posts. You should have invites that you can accept on the manage invites page, but if you don't, go ahead and join from the profile pages and I'll approve you. If you're still having trouble, please let me know! I'll walk you through fixing the issue. :)
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